Painting Basement Floor in a Cheap Way

Nov 28th

Painting basement floor concrete is cheap way to make a floor makeover. It is also a functional way to protect and seal your basement floor. Dull, gray concrete slab can make the basement appear dark and dull. To transform this space and add color and style, you can paint concrete floors a variety of colors. Epoxy paint is better for concrete floors.

There are three types of epoxy painting basement floor: solvent based, water based, and 100 percent solids. Each type is classified by the percentage of solids or epoxy it contains. 100 percent solids is pure epoxy. It is also the most expensive and most durable. It is very difficult to apply this epoxy, as it tends to harden very quickly, so professionals should apply it. Solvent-based is the most commonly use for industrial purposes.

You want to avoid using this type of epoxy in the home due to the strong vapors that the solvents produce. Water based epoxy paints are the most commonly use in the home and are available at any home improvement store. Epoxy painting basement floor is the best choice for basement concrete floors. As it has the ability to seal waterproof and soil. Basements are known to have humidity. Latex-based paints can not withstand moisture.

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