Hanging Silver Sunburst Mirror

Oct 18th

Silver sunburst mirror – Securing a large, heavy mirror on the wall seems to be a difficult task. You can hang it with a D-ring, which will hold it in place. Your mirror reflects natural sunlight and your space will feel light and airy. This project takes about two hours; however, the mirror will be a lasting part of your home decor.


Cover an area on the floor with the Arena. Place the silver sunburst mirror plate on top of the arena, mirrored side down. Measure the length and width of your framed mirror. Play the measurements. Mark 1/5 the length from the center top back of the frame. If your framed mirror is 40 inches in length, for example, the 1/5 length is 8 inches.

Draw a horizontal line through this brand across the back of the silver sunburst mirror. See the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the D-rings to opposite sides of the frame using the horizontal line as a guide. Drill holes to attach the rings to the frame with the screws. Thread the thread through the loop of a D-ring to the opposite D-ring and back to the starting point. You have two cable threads to hang your mirror. Cut the thread and tie it to the eye of the D-ring. Cover sharp edges with tape to protect the frame and surface.

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