Convert Double Sliding Patio Doors

Oct 21st

Installing double sliding patio doors saves space and allows you to do more with your environment. And the conversion of a double door to a sliding door requires the removal of the old doors and the installation of the new sliding doors. Ideas for convert double sliding patio doors remove the old doors by opening them and unscrew the hinges of the door jamb with a screwdriver. Remove the two doors with the help of a partner. Someone has the doors while the other one unscrews the hinges with a power screwdriver.

Then for convert double sliding patio doors, measure the width and height of the opening. Buy a pair of closet doors that fits this measured sliding area. Use a tape measure to take measurements and be sure to write them. Find the center of the jamb of the upper door by measuring the width of the jamb with a measuring tape and make a mark at the midpoint. Do this on both sides of the jamb of the upper door.

Mount the sliding door guide on the upper door jamb at these marks. Screw the track in place with the screws included with the door kit. Hold the top of a plumb line, a weight of metal on a string, in the center of the track. Make a dark mark on the floor at the time of weighing with a marker. Mount the sliding door guides on the floor at their marks. Installation of the double sliding patio doors by lifting them one at a time and the insertion of the upper rollers in the track and the feeding of the lower part through the guides in the floor.

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