The Best Basement Windows

Nov 24th

Many homeowners insulate the basement walls of their home and overlook the windows. This can be a costly mistake since windows can account for up to 40 percent of a home’s heat loss. Today’s energy-efficient basement windows reflect the heat back in the house during the winter. And keep the sun’s rays warm the house in the summer. The best way to insulate windows in your basement is to install double glazing or low emissivity glass. Individual glazed windows almost do not provide heat retention for your home.

Double glazed basement windows give you double the thermal resistance, or R-value. Glass that is treat with a low-emittance metal oxide coating will reflect the heat back into the home at three times the R-value of a single sheet of glass. Double-glazed windows can also be purchase with a low-emissivity coating at maximum reflectivity. Low-emissivity glass is design to reflect only the sun’s heat, while still allowing light to enter the room.

The window is also another area that must be insulate in order to prevent heat from escaping from your basement windows. Gaps in the windows are often made of steel, which conducts heat. Hollows of steel windows will be very hot in summer and cold in winter. Holes in the plastic windows will reflect heat and give you a buffer zone between your home and the outside temperature.

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