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July 10, 2018 Basement

Basement Wall Ideas to Consider

Basement Wall Ideas – Being thrown into the basement does not always have to be a punishment. Currently, homeowners with a basement consider space to be the main square footage. Everything from a hobby room, playroom, media center, music room, poker room, exercise area, office space. And of course, its original purpose, storage space, is to find a new life in space “below.”

Affordable Basement Wall Ideas

Affordable Basement Wall Ideas

The definition of a dungeon is an area completely or partially below the soil surface. Basement wall ideas this is not to be confused with the crawl space of a house. Because the other part of the definition is that one should be able to stand upright in the area. The total square area in the basement is generally equivalent to the one on the ground floor. In most homes, it’s like having another level of living space, which can add up a bit. The option to utilize that amount of space is really only limited by imagination. Because space will usually have electricity and pipes.

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Basement wall ideas can be partition into a different room or can be a large open space. If this part of your house is “done” then assume yourself lucky. If not, or if space is on the list to be fixed, there are issues to consider before proceeding with the project. First, it is important to identify “problem” points such as low ceilings, closed boiler rooms and requires ducts. Second, space should not leak. Uncontrolled humidity will cause a number of harmful and destructive problems including mold growth.

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